Sunday, 16 October 2016

My vegan breakfast.

I love breakfast. In this moment of the day your body is fresh and renovated, waiting to be fed, the healthiest foods can be added to your plate and enjoyed with delight.

Becoming vegan brought ahead more ideas and choices, and helped me to "create" my own breakfast menus, much healthier and yummier than before.

This is one of my favourite choices, simple and delicious:


A slice of multigrain bread,
Two slices of avocado,
Fresh tomato (half of a ripe small piece),
Ground flaxseeds (half a teaspoon),
A pinch of salt,
A teaspoon of Greek extra virgin olive oil, and
Fresh orange juice.

Toast the bread and smash the half tomato on one of its sides (like they do in Cataluña with the worldwide famous "pan tumaca").

Add half of the salt and olive oil.

Place the avocado slices, spread the ground flaxseed and season with the rest of salt and olive oil.

Serve together with the glass of fresh orange juice, preferably by the sunny seaside, in a beautiful Greek island.

And... enjoy!

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