Wednesday, 9 December 2020

 Visit Corfu with a vegan style

A new incoming agent recently published a beautiful site, where you can find an excellent selection of accommodation all over Corfu and Paxos, sustainable activities and vegan friendly restaurants and taverns. Even wheelchair friendly places to stay and tours can be organized by this agency. The company's name is Vive Corfu.

One of their tours, Foodies Experience, can be customized 100% vegan: they promised that sweets, snacks, drinks, and local dishes, even ice cream, would be tasted in this walking tour around Corfu Town's most delicious eating places. And we decided to book it!

There were four of us and an excellent guide, Angela, who shared a lot of knowledge in every place we visited: history, curiosities, and information about Greek food and local specialties. We were going to enjoy a mezze (snack), an olive oil tasting, and a sweet for dessert, but we also added a vegan ice cream because we couldn't resist!

We met Angela near the Old Fortress at noon and walked into the Old Town, where we stopped at the Kantouni tou Bizzi, a lively centenary area in the heart of the Old Town with small alleys and cobblestone pavement. The first thing we tasted was a Greek vegan mezze (snack) in a cute place, which was an antique shop with a vegan café in the inside, Bizoú Café. The decoration, tables, chairs, sofas, silverware... everything is antique, even the plates and glasses. Among all the menu options we ordered a snack plate with an aubergine dip, vegan cheese dip, sundried tomatoes, and cucumber. Also, organic tea with almond milk and brown sugar. The shop owners were really kind and also suggested different off the menu choices for our snack, because everything they serve is made at the moment. Actually, we returned here for our dinner that same evening and had some more really good plates we will talk about a bit later in the following post.


The route continued toward the Jewish Quarter. There, we found our next stop, another vegan paradise! Sweet n' Spicy is amazing shop full of any kind of herbs and spices, from Greece and from all over the world as well, dozens of salt varieties, legumes, nuts, whole-wheat products, exotic sauces and... extra virgin olive oil. We tasted three different varieties of local extra-virgin olive oil together with some fresh bread, which was something we were not expecting. 

Angela told us that a special variety of olive grows in Corfu, and it produces a very tasty oil which is also said to have special properties which make it be very helpful against different diseases, due to its polyphenols

Then, not far from the spices shop, we visited Rosie's Bakery, where we were offered a choice of vegan sweets and a Greek coffee. Our table was already reserved on the street, and we also had time to chat with the owner, a charming and friendly lady with a very interesting story. Rosy also has special sweets, such as gluten free, sugar free, kosher, and many others. We were speechless when we tried the vegan baklava, and we took some more with us so we could eat them in the evening! 

Before we said goodbye to our guide we asked her for a last favor, because we wanted to have a vegan ice cream, and she took us to one of the many cake shops in Corfu, where they have a good variety: bitter chocolate, cherry, carrot, orange,  grape, strawberry and vanilla. We ordered some mixed cups with a wooden spoon and walked away with a smile on our faces.

If you want to book this tour, or do anything else in Corfu, vegan-friendly, sustainable, and with great customer service, do not hesitate to contact them, they will organize your perfect tour and holiday adapted to your budget and needs. Thanks for everything, Vive Corfu!