Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Vegan cheese spread to go to Heaven.

As many vegans do, one of the things I really missed since I started a plant based diet was cheese. It was never sitting well with me, but I adored the taste in my mouth when I ate a piece of old Spanish cheese together with a glass of good red wine. On the other hand, quitting meat was easy and a relief,  but a bite of cheese on some fresh bread was a part of my daily diet.

Since I decided leaving cows and sheep alone, I've been trying different recipes I have found all over the net, but this one is really easy, cheap and tasty. Let's go.

This recipe was originally published by  Emily von Euw  in, but I have changed it a little bit.

These are the ingredients:

- 1 cup raw cashews
- 1/2 tablespoon fresh lemon juice
- 1 teaspoon extra virgin olive oil
- A few stalks of chive
- A pinch of garlic powder
- 2 tablespoons of mineral water
- Salt and black pepper

1. Soak the cashews overnight in a bowl, or at least for two hours. The more hours they will be, the easier they will blend and the creamier it will be.

2. Drain the cashews and place all the ingredients in the mixer.

3. Blend for at least two minutes, scraping the inside of the blender with a spatula in order to mix it all well.

Spread it on a piece of black fresh bread and crown it with two pieces of baby tomatoes and some chive, or whatever you find in your garden.

(If you don't eat it all, you can keep it in the fridge for about 3-4 days, and even freeze it)

I hope you like it.

Homemade easy and cheap cashew cheese, Ionian Sea and Greek skies.

Sunday, 16 October 2016

My vegan breakfast.

I love breakfast. In this moment of the day your body is fresh and renovated, waiting to be fed, the healthiest foods can be added to your plate and enjoyed with delight.

Becoming vegan brought ahead more ideas and choices, and helped me to "create" my own breakfast menus, much healthier and yummier than before.

This is one of my favourite choices, simple and delicious:


A slice of multigrain bread,
Two slices of avocado,
Fresh tomato (half of a ripe small piece),
Ground flaxseeds (half a teaspoon),
A pinch of salt,
A teaspoon of Greek extra virgin olive oil, and
Fresh orange juice.

Toast the bread and smash the half tomato on one of its sides (like they do in Cataluña with the worldwide famous "pan tumaca").

Add half of the salt and olive oil.

Place the avocado slices, spread the ground flaxseed and season with the rest of salt and olive oil.

Serve together with the glass of fresh orange juice, preferably by the sunny seaside, in a beautiful Greek island.

And... enjoy!

Sunday, 2 October 2016

Rosy's, the sweetest

Sweet pies are one of the highest points of Greek gastronomy, and even though Corfu was never under Ottoman rule, the Turkish influence is obvious in many of its desserts, so, if you have a sweet tooth, you are at the right place. Baklavas, galaktopoureko, kataifi and an endless list of heavenly delights, covered in buttery syrup and pleasantly melting in your mouth, await for you in every corner.

Baklava with nuts.
Chocolate and Nutella filo cake.

Baklava with pistachio.

Most of these desserts are prepared with milk, butter and honey so... what about vegans? Many times it's really hard entering a patisserie and leaving empty-handed and with tears in your eyes.

Don't we deserve a Greek sweet bite, too?

Don't panic and hold on a second.

Let me introduce you to sweet Rosy and her Bakery:

Rosy and her smile.

In the center of Corfu's Old Town, very close th the Jewish Quarter, there is one of the most amazing bakeries I've ever seen. Rosy's smile welcomes you from behind the shop windows, and she always gives you good advice about the best snack and dessert, sweet or salty. Not only it's a family business full of charm, but also she also offers other choices that you won't easily find on the island and suit everybody's tastes and needs: gluten free, sugar free, milk free and also...VEGAN!

Rosy's vegan sweets.

You can pick your choice and take it home or enjoy it right there, together with a cup of coffee, at one of the tables outside the shop (if they are free!) Rosy's customers are so happy and thankful that they express their feelings on the wall and they always come back or send their friends.

Rosy's wall.

So you already know what to do if you are really craving something sweet. 
Trust me and enjoy it!

Have you already been here? Tell us about it.

Rosy's Bakery is also on Facebook -clic here>  ROSYS BAKERY